We reach the English-speaking consumers on Roatan. We provide information about where they can find things they need or want to buy. 101.1 reaches them in their homes and cars and online via their computers. As businessmen and businesswomen on the isla, they spend a great deal of time driving in their cars. This means they are looking for diversion and our radio station offers that to them.

For the advertiser, 101.1 is affordable and highly targeted as it is the only electronic media outlet on the Island that is available to them 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
The owners of 101.1 understand the broadcasting business and the unique properties and power of radio as they come from professional broadcasting backgrounds in the United States…

(Click to learn more about Keith Miller, Director of 101.1 Blue Wave Radio.)



EDUCATION – most of the expat population on Roatan have completed some college or hold University Degrees. Almost all have secondary education such as high school or the equivalent. The tourist industry professionals by their positions are multi-lingual and work to provide good customer service. They are well-trained and understand the need for cross-cultural communication.

OCCUPATION – many are business owners, retirees with investment income, or investors looking for a simpler way of life after business careers. Many are former executives. They are also developers who are investing their resources and time into the island. They consume appliances, furniture, luxury goods, travel and dining, and leisure activities.

AFFLUENCE – a large part of the audience of 101.1 own businesses here on Roatan; they own property including income- producing properties; they are diving industry professionals who come here to become more proficient at their skill; and they are connected to the construction industry, including designers, manufacturers, architects and attorneys or real estate professionals. Many are drawn to Roatan because they are entrepreneurs. They bring resources with them.

INCOME – Residency requirements dictate minimum income levels for expats.

RENTIST: The applicant must have an income of at least US$2,500 per month from a source outside of Honduran soil (e.g., rents, deposits, bonds).

RETIRED: The applicant must have a lifetime benefit of at least $1,500 per month coming from a private or government institution.

INVESTOR: The applicant must prove that his business or project is or will be represented by an investment of at least $50,000.

The affordable cost of living means these consumers have disposable income.



We understand that people use radio in different ways. As a MUSIC radio station, people choose to listen because of the way that music makes them “Feel” or…  they listen because they wish to FEEL a certain way.


OUR TARGET AUDIENCE are between the ages of 30-60 years old… so we play songs that will be appreciated by those age groups.

Our approach when choosing music is:

1) All of our songs are highly researched for familiarity. This is the most important part. (Music from Motown, Jimmy Buffett, Reggae artists with wide Caribbean influence, Top 40 hits of the past 50 years, the ’80s) … We also support artists on the island as there are a number of great performers.

2) The artists have a large body of work with best-selling albums and we play songs that are from those albums. (Artists like … the Eagles, Phil Collins, John Mayer, Bob Marley, Sade, Annie Lennox, Queen, The Police, Billy Joel)

3) The songs are timeless and allow us to feel something. (Artists like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Nirvana…)

4) Songs are currently on the ADULT ALBUM ALTERNATIVE MUSIC charts… These are current and give us the opportunity to avoid being an oldies station. (Adele, Santana, Coldplay, U2, Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons)

We program for FEELING

Every song on 101.1 Blue Wave has been listened to and meticulously chosen because it was a FAMILIAR piece of work by an artist that made people feel good when they listened to their songs.

Our library is extensive but cohesive… we are primarily playing music that has been enjoyed by people who are 30 years old into their 60s.

WE pay particular attention to music that is popular TODAY too… We avoid being an oldies radio station as our audience’s education means they are constantly craving new tastes and experiences.

We also pay attention to the fact that this is an island with a strong music culture. We play popular rhythmic dance music and Caribbean music.



Our philosophy is to be heavily involved in the community… we support the Rotary Club of Roatan, Clinica Esperanza, Sol Foundation, the Marine Park and the Roatan Humane Society. The funds raised by these establishments go directly to important causes in all areas of Roatan and have deep footprints so they make a big impact.


Our facilities use the most modern technologies and as such give us the ability to operate at a high level without the overhead of traditional radio stations. We have just upgraded every element in our broadcast chain. We just purchased and installed a new antenna, tuned it so that it covers the island of Roatan, and have upgraded our transmitter facility which is on the top of WEST BAY HILL (the highest point on the isla).

We are a completely self-contained operation with modern digital equipment using SONY Digital Suites for production and audio processing. We have invested in equipment that will give our “on-the-air” sound quality one can actually hear including high-end B.L.U.E. Microphones. Our signal processing gives us state of the art on-air sound, is the latest and most modern processing and technically the best sound on the dial.

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