Following the Drunken Fish… and other thoughts for the day.

TSunken Fishhere is a great restaurant here on Roatan called the “Sunken Fish Treetop Ocean View Bar and Restaurant.”

It’s one of my favorite places here among the three hundred other restaurants I love here on Roatan.

Their logo is of a “tipsy” orange goldfish, in a cocktail glass that is in reality a goldfish bowl and it’s really a simply¬†inspired piece of graphic art.

I tease my friend by asking him how things are at “The Drunken Fish.” He laughs. He’s kind.

Whenever I think of “drunken fish”, I’m reminded of a scientific study that came out a few years ago.


Drunk Fish Totally Impress Sober Fish, Study Finds

In a nutshell, scientists got one zebrafish drunk and placed it in a tank of sober zebrafish. The sober fish followed the drunk fish as the drunk swam faster and behaved erraticly. Scientists believed that the drunk fish was perceived by the others as bolder.

This boldness indicated to the others that they should follow it. Instinctively, they did.

The sober fish were drawn to the “boldness” trait. I also believe this to be true of human beings.

It serves as a reminder for me.

“Careful whom you follow. They may be truely bold and insightful. But they may just be a drunken fish.”