Just in case they bring back the “Ley Seca” (how I am preparing for my drinking future… )

I love Roatan. It’s a paradise… hot, wet, sweaty… and the people are cool to hangout
with as they are from all walks of life and from all around the world.

It’s a bit like high school sometimes as there are certain places you go to meet. When I
was in high school, going to McGill-Toolen in Mobile, Alabama, we’d all meet in the
parking lot at Shakey’s on Airport Boulevard.

I wasn’t a drinker so I was the designated driver during that period of time. My dad was
always finding twist-off caps in the car and he was way more trusting of me than I would
have been of my son. “Are you drinking and driving?” “No Dad…” “You better not be…”

He was a military man. I knew he meant business. And while I crossed a lot of lines, that
wasn’t one of them.

Here on Roatan, one of the places everyone meets is Sundowner’s… It’s a great place run
by Aaron Etches. (If you ever come to Roatan, he’s the man to take you fishing.)

SundownersIt was the first bar I was hanging out in when I came here and it’s just like you’d
imagine it. Right on the water’s edge, full of characters of all ages, shapes, creeds and
colors, nationalities and political leanings, beer drinkers, rum swizzlers, hell raisers
and opinion makers.

There was this law when I arrived, a ley seca or “dry law” that was being enforced off
and on. It really wasn’t meant for tourist resorts or places like Sundowner’s but Roatan
moves in mysterious ways and one Sunday evening everyone in every bar in a tourist resort
was shut down.

Hopefully that will never happen again… but if it does, I have the solution… and everyone should be prepared.



What everyone needs is one of these “Baby Flasks.” I can
only imagine what would happen if the Policia Nacional showed up…

“Anyone drinking here tonight?”
“No Senor, nada… just us mommies and daddies taking advantage of the dry law to bond
with our babies.”
“Si… You are good people. Is it really wise to smoke around the children how ever Mr.
“It toughens them up and makes them muy fuerte…”
“Acuerdo… Buenas noches…”

Ok… I’m dreaming but it would be hilarious to see…

Baby FlaskIf you are ever here on Roatan… you have to spend an evening at Sundowner’s. Just bring
your baby… and if you want to see how to make one of these visit this link on BoredPanda…